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“My wife and I are extremely satisfied with Valerie A. Shivers. She took the extra time to explain and ensure that we understood all of the information contained in our Wills, Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney and Irrevocable Trust. We have already recommended Mrs. Shivers to friends and relatives.”
“Valerie is a highly responsive, insightful, and knowledgeable attorney. Most noteworthy, however, is that Valerie continues to provide a thorough and extremely detail-oriented work product in spite of the many challenges ever-present in her field.” JS
“Valerie helped my sister and I begin our first business together. We weren’t sure how to become an LLC and Valerie walked us through each step and kept us involved the whole time. She not only did a great job but when I needed to get ahold of her she was always available to speak and that just made our experience so much better. My sister and I would highly recommend her as a professional, reliable business woman!” DB & BB
“Valerie is an extremely dedicated attorney who gives each of her clients the attention and care they deserve. She is meticulous, professional and always pleasant to deal with. Her expertise in wills and estates and real estate is undeniable. I have referred her numerous times, and will continue to do so!” BD
“I highly recommend Valerie Shivers for both estate planning as well as real estate transactions. She is not only knowledgeable and highly responsive but also very personable and easy to speak with. She handled both the sale of my old home and purchase of my new home, with ease. When it was time to draw up a will and make sure my assets would be covered using Mrs. Shivers again was a no-brainer.” NA & MA

“I wanted to let you know how happy and pleased we are to finally get the approval from Medicaid today! We are well aware of how hard it is to get this approval. We know you had to deal with an uncooperative and unresponsive organization in Medicaid. Phil never failed to let me know what he was doing and gave me progress reports along the way. He was always a pleasure to deal with and his demeanor never changed throughout this long ordeal!”

“We will strongly recommend your firm to anybody that needs a highly professional legal team that works their tails off to get the answers their clients desperately need!” Sincerely, R & G Hirsch

“The reason I’m writing is I wanted to thank you for everything you did for us regarding setting up my mother’s Irrevocable Trust, her NYSARC Trust and for getting my mother on the Medicaid program.”

“I’m sorry it’s coming so late in the process, but I was so laser beam focused on taking care of my Mom and her health needs, (along with all the other things associated with staying on the programs while also trying to balance work, etc) that a lot of things got put on the back burner. So please accept my apologies for contacting and thanking you so late.”

“Unfortunately, my mom passed away Oct 24th – Exactly one year after we began the process of creating the trusts and applying for Medicaid. I’ve already informed Medicaid and NYSARC and gave them copies of her death certificate. I’m in the process of notifying all other interested parties as well as we begin the process of going through her estate/trust.”

“We were so fortunate to be able to be on these programs and keep Mom home, where she loved to be, for the final year of her life. We also had the peace of mind we could afford the ongoing expenses to keep her in her house for as long as she needed and could safely be there. That made her (and us) all feel better and focus on quality time with her while keeping an eye on her health. Little did we realize it would be so soon. But all the more reason we’re grateful that everything was in place.”

“So on behalf of my mother, myself and our entire family: thank you so much for what you do for people in situations like ours. And especially for making the trip out to Cutchogue to help us set it up. It made a big difference for us and made the process easier to go through which allowed us to focus on my Mom. I appreciate everything you did and feel even more so now, having the ability to look back a year and seeing what a difference it made for my mother and our family. And your staff had been wonderful to us through the process, especially Jodi LaSalla. We wrote her a similar letter of thanks because we were so very happy and relieved to have such great help getting through the Medicaid Application process.”

“It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Valerie as she made everything extremely easy and convenient for us. Valerie was by our side during the entire process and available to answer any concerns or questions that arose along the way. It was stress-free!”

“I would highly recommend Valerie as an attorney. Not only is she very responsive to the client’s needs and questions, she is extremely knowledgeable in her field. It is very reassuring having Valerie work on your behalf because you know you are being taken very good care of. Her friendly personality makes her very approachable as well, which I find is a tremendous quality in an attorney. Thank you, Valerie.” KT

“Thank you for meeting with my dad and sister yesterday afternoon. You were able to lift the worries off of dad’s mind with your straightforwardness and professionalism. Even though dad is 90 years old, and has maybe another 10 years to go (his blood line has passed in mid to late 90s), he is happy about proceeding with the necessary paperwork. Thank you very much.”

“I wanted to let you know how happy and pleased we are to finally get the approval from Medicaid today! Phillip never failed to let me know what he was doing and gave me progress reports along the way. He was always a pleasure to deal with and his demeanor never changed throughout this long ordeal! We will strongly recommend your firm to anybody that needs a highly professional legal team that works their tails off to get the answers their clients desperately need!” RH and GH

“I met with attorney Phillip Vacchio him last week and he met me at Mom’s house this morning. That was smart on my part … Mom needed to hear about trusts, joint accounts, the veteran requirements, etc. I do not exactly understand all that stuff and so having my brother there was a huge help. (My Mom understands it all more than I do!) Phillip explained it all. Mom asked all her questions, understood the reason for everything and I think it helped set her mind at ease about knowing she could afford it. I think she thought she wouldn’t have enough! Phillip wasn’t pushy like some lawyers are and she liked him a lot. My brother thought he was a perfect choice and was grateful for the recommendation! He is going to do our will over when done with all this!” EK

“Since our initial meeting at Valerie’s office to discuss the sale of the co-op and applying for Medicaid for my father-in-law, we have been dealing exclusively with attorney Phil Vacchio. We would like you to know that Phil has been a pleasure to deal with. He has been informative, detailed, and responsive when we needed information. His likable personality has made it easy for us to communicate with him. He made sure we were given updates and status reports along the way. He is an asset to your company and you must be proud to have him working for you.” RH

“Valerie is an extremely gifted and talented attorney who is truly passionate about protecting her clients’ interests. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her legal services.” JR

“Valerie is trustworthy and extremely professional. She represented my wife and me at the closing of our first home. She was very responsive, knowledgeable and had our best interest at hand throughout the entire process. I have no hesitation in advising anyone to hire Valerie.” EL&RL

“I met Valerie in my capacity as a C.P.A. through multiple networking events. Every time we spoke I felt more and more comfortable in using her services. When my childhood friend needed an attorney for a real estate transaction he was getting involved in, I recommended Valerie. The deal went through without any problems and my friend and his wife couldn’t have been happier. Valerie’s attention to detail and ability to follow through is unmatched. I will always recommend her to all my clients, friends, and family.” JV

“I have had the pleasure of working with Valerie on a variety of different real estate deals and am pleased to have gotten to know her on a personal level as well. She is an outstanding attorney, who is extremely knowledgeable and confident in many practice areas. She’s personable and likable, but still very firm and unwavering in advocating for the needs of her clients. I readily recommend Valerie to many of my own friends and business associates.” CK

“Valerie represented me at the real estate closing on my new home. She was thorough, professional, personable and went above and beyond the call of duty to handle some related issues outside the scope of her retainer. I would recommend Valerie to anyone looking for legal representation in a real estate transaction.” – MO

“As first-time home buyers, my husband and I did not know what to expect. We were nervous about the process as it was totally unfamiliar to us. Valerie Shivers guided us through the uncertainties and worked hard to ensure the deal went smoothly. Valerie successfully coordinated the numerous parties involved in order to streamline the transaction and get the deal done efficiently.”

“Buying a house could not have been made any easier! We have recommended Valerie to all of our family and friends. She is a true professional!” –CW&DW

“Mrs. Shivers is a very professional and respectful attorney. She is responsive and highly attentive to detail. All my concerns were handled gracefully and with careful consideration. I was relieved to have someone with such keen insight on complicated matters. She is truly an asset to any client needing legal representation.” –JS&BS

“Thank you so much for your time, effort and patience over the past few months. We are happily settled in Florida, living out our retirement and enjoying life!” – GD & JD

“It was a pleasure working with Valerie for our first home purchase. She made everything so easy and explained every little detail to us. She was always available whenever we needed and is very honest and reliable. I would recommend her to anyone!” – MT & JT

“Thank you for your hard work — although this is business as usual for you. Working with you having my interests at the top of the list for closing, I am very grateful. I will always remember your great network of professionals that have enabled me to have my own home” – FA

“We used Valerie for our closing. We had some complicated issues that she was well-versed in and able to guide us through. She was pleasant to deal with and was extremely responsive to emails and phone calls. She coordinated things with both REAs, attorneys and our bank. When she said, “Give me the number — I’ll call him” (our bank) I was thrilled to not have to relay messages. She stayed on top of things and made sure the bank did right by us when there were delays. Finally, she helped facilitate a really smooth closing. Everyone told us closings were an absolute pain, but ours was so easy. She really knows her stuff. We highly recommend her. Thank you Valerie!”

Phil, after our closing we have been so crazy that I really haven’t had a second to properly thank you for all you have done and dealt with. I know this wasn’t an easy one but you helped ease the process the whole way through. You’ve been a pleasure to work with and once things settle we’ll be in for a will! MK

“As for Bill Blum, he’s AWESOME! I’ve recently been working with him. I really like him and his professionalism!!” NL

“I’ve been using Valerie for a few years, and I could not be more satisfied with her professional manner and her eagerness to complete the task at hand. She is very hard working and a pleasure to work with on any Real Estate Transaction.” JL

“Responded to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Dealt with sensitive issues professionally. Covered all aspects of the sale of our home with the highest professionalism. Loved Valerie and her whole staff!! They were pleasant and friendly!” MS