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No one likes to think about death. Estate planning gives you control over what will happen to your home and other assets after death. A will is a crucial part of any estate planning.

A will can provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones. A skilled, knowledgeable attorney can be essential in creating a will that is tailored precisely to your needs.

At Shivers Law Group, we work closely with families to create estate planning instruments, including wills and trusts.

Five Reasons A Will Is Beneficial

  1. A will lets your family know what you want to happen to your things – a list of “who gets what.” This can prevent misunderstandings and disputes later.
  2. If you have minor children, you can set out in writing who you would like to take care of them if anything happens to you. If you do not do this, then a court will decide.
  3. The probate process is sped up and, in some cases, avoided with the proper estate planning tools. A will is one of these tools.
  4. By giving away your assets in a will, you may be able to avoid estate taxes. You can also name the executor of your estate (the person who is tasked with paying off final debts and distributing assets per the will).
  5. You can make clear who is to inherit and who is to not. A will is a legal document, but it is also changeable. This means that, as people join or leave your family, you can change your will to reflect these changes.

Which Is Better – A Will Or A Trust?

In your free initial consultation, we will discuss whether a will, a trust or a combination of these tools will be right for you. For some families and individuals, a will may be the appropriate estate planning tool. A will can make clear what you’d like to happen to you in the event that you are incapacitated and unable to make health care decisions.

A trust is a flexible estate planning option with many positive attributes. There are many types of trusts. One key benefit of a trust is that any assets contained in a trust are not subject to probate. This can save your loved ones time and money. For some families, both a will and a trust may be the best option.

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We’ve helped so many families through the estate planning process. We can quickly assess your situation and give you a concrete plan of what to do next. We will treat you as we would our own family members.

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