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Any parent of a child with special needs should strongly consider establishing a Supplemental Needs Trust (SNT) on behalf of this child. An SNT will provide valuable assistance for your child while helping him or her remain eligible for Medicaid, Supplement Security Income (SSI) and other government benefits. Establishing an SNT can be a complex undertaking. Any failure in the process can jeopardize your child’s ability to receive these benefits.

A knowledgeable lawyer can provide immeasurable value. At Shivers Law Group, we maintain a comprehensive special needs planning practice. With every client, we focus on developing sensible, actionable solutions while delivering the highest levels of service.

Finding The Solution That Is Best For Your Loved One

In your free initial consultation, we will discuss your loved ones’ needs and how best to achieve them. In New York, there are three types of SNTs:

  • A third-party SNT: This is typically established and funded by family members or someone other than the person with special needs.
  • A first-party SNT: If your child or other loved one has proceeds from an inheritance or personal injury lawsuit, a first-party SNT may be best for him or her
  • A pooled SNT: A pooled SNT is managed by a nonprofit organization and contains assets from many different people. In a pooled SNT, each person named as a beneficiary has his or her own account. A pooled SNT is typically appropriate only if the beneficiary does not have any surviving family members to serve as trustee of the SNT.

Because You Want The Best For Your Loved One

Above all, our attorneys want to help you create a plan that will best meet your loved one’s needs. You will appreciate our willingness to be there for you now and in the future, available whenever you have a question.

We provide cost-effective legal options without keeping our clients on the clock for every phone call and question. Our clients find comfort in that they can turn to us when they need us.

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